Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet the Family...Part 4

Logan is my youngest daughter. She is 16 and when school starts she will be a junior. Even as I type this it's a shock to me!! When did this happen and how? I'm sorry, but I did NOT give permission for this (insert foot stamp here) nor do I approve of it!! I guess it's hardest with her because she was always my baby! And did she ever play that role well! She probably didn't need to walk until she was 5. Between me and her big sisters her feet rarely touched the ground! When she was 10 I had to make Kylee stop picking out her clothes for her everyday because I was afraid she would never be able to dress herself at the rate things were going. (She has since learned to do this!)

Logan has always been my sweetest and most compassionate child. She's the type of kid that will give her lunch money to a friend and do without herself. She split all of her spending money for church camp this summer with her best friend because she didn't have any. For her friends' birthdays she draws a picture of them and adds a poem to it and gives it to them as their gift. My husband and I were fortunate enough to receive one of these special gifts for our anniversary. It's something that will always be treasured.

Of all my girls Logan is the tomboy. Not that she's not girly, she's a good combination of both! That's how I always was. And that's about all she got from me! She is the spitting image of their dad and looks nothing like her sisters. Usually people don't even realize that she is mine. But she is...she is and forever will be my baby!


  1. Another cutie! About those flowers..Im sure your neighbor wont mind...hehe

  2. Miss....that is TOTALLY how Cubby will be someday!!! He will ALWAYS be my baby!!!! I am DREADING him going to kindergarten in the fall!!!!!!!!!!! I know I will cry for weeks.....there are already a few leaking out!!! :(

  3. It's too bad I do not eat cupcakes anymore, because that one looks truly delicious. Actually, it probably was, since you made it and all.

    (See? No dissin' on my sisters to be found. I didn't even mention anything about her!)

  4. Hi Denise! I found you from Susie's blog. Welcome to blog land! I started last fall and love it. (I actually have 2 blogs - one about home and one about teaching preschool.) I love it!

  5. How did you end up with such great girls and I never got even one??? Lucky mama :)