Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy, Happy Happy!!!

You have absolutely no idea how incredibly happy THIS makes me!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello, everyone! Remember me? I haven't updated my blog lately because Kylee is doing so well and I didn't want to jinx it! Stupid, huh? I'm not even superstitious! Oh well, what can I say?

You wouldn't even believe how well Kylee is doing! She is looking healthy, she is smiling, and her clothes are starting to fit!! Woohoo!!

We fired the therapist. After less than an hour, she told my daughter that her problem is an identity crisis . Of all the people that I have ever known in my life, Kylee is the one most least likely to not know who she is! This kid knows who she is, knows where she's going and knows how she is going to get there! We didn't feel like she was the right fit after the first session, and we were right. She isn't currently seeing a therapist and we are going to play it by ear for now. If we decide that she does need therapy, we have a new friend who is going through the same thing with her daughter and she has given us a good lead on a therapist that specializes in eating disorders.

On a non-eating disorder related note, Kylee made the president's honor roll!!! That's my girl!