Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meet the Family Part 2

I had my oldest daughter, Tiffany, when I was 18. We kinda grew up together. She has been my playmate, friend, child, and sometimes even my enemy, (not really, but that's what it felt like during her teenage years!). We've laughed, played, cried and fought. She's the kid that made me call my mom and apologize for every bad thing I ever did as a child! (My mom said apologizing wouldn't change anything but she appreciated the effort!!) She was and is my wild child! I have to say, though, despite the constant battles, she has turned into a beautiful young woman. She is now almost 24 (next month) and a mom herself. She is going to college, ( she wants to be a police officer!), works full time and is a single mom.

I know that sometime in the next 10 years I will probably be getting that call from her apologizing for everything SHE did as a kid!!! It won't change anything but I'm sure I will appreciate the effort!!


  1. Oh but she is so lovely! My mother says the kids that "challenge" us the most are the ones that grow up to be more interesting and are very cool adults and I AGREE! She's got it going on... and look at that little one of hers!

    PS. It's the same with me and The Fan. I am the cause of every single silver hair on her head.

  2. Thank you, Saucy!! I've given my mom plenty of gray hair, as well, but you'd never know it...she will be a 90 year old blonde!!

  3. I think sometimes when my kids are driving me batty "just will understand someday how much I love you." It's our only consolation, that they will "get it" someday.

  4. Awwwhhhhhh Denise....there's no denying you two are "sisters" :) She looks just like you!!!! And your her little one is toooo stinkin' cute!!!