Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lost my mind today

So, when I was writing the post about Logan, I had a specific picture in mind to use. I knew it was on the memory card in the small digital camera that I carry in my purse. I took my memory card down to CVS to transfer my pictures onto a cd. None of these pictures were the one that I was looking for. Dang!! So back home I go. I tore my house apart, people!! Could not find that memory card anywhere. I looked high and low for 2 days....nothing! So, I gave up and published my post with a not so great picture of her and called it a day. Today I had to run home and let my dogs out, walked through my living room and right there on my end table, in the digital frame my mom gave me for Christmas, is that blasted memory card! So, to make me feel better and to really show you how beautiful my girl is, I have to post a better picture of her.

Ahhhh, that's better!! Look at that dimple!


  1. That dimple is amazing!!!!!!!!! How blessed you are to have such a fabulous bunch of girls over there!!!!! Enjoy them every minute!

  2. Oh How I HATE those "tear the house apart" moments!