Thursday, July 16, 2009

Meet the Family Part 3

Kylee is not your typical child. I always said that if I could be guaranteed that all my children could be like her, I would have a dozen! Not that there is anything wrong with my other two girls. It's just that Kylee has always been soooo easy! She was an easy baby, and ALWAYS happy!! She never cried in the mornings when she would wake up...I'd go into check on her and she would give me the biggest smile and say "Hi, mommy!". And my heart would puddle!!

It got really interesting, though, when she started developing her own little personality! She couldn't stand for anything to be around her waist, so all of her clothes had to go below her belly! She would only eat chicken nuggets or pancakes for the longest time! Insisted on wearing her shoes on the wrong feet, and there for about 3 months, when she was 3, would only wear this one dress and she had to wear it everyday! Of course, I had to wash it every night so after she got tired of it, it wasn't even good enough to use as a dust rag!! And the poor girl had a speech impediment. Tiffany was the only one who could understand a word she said so we called her the Interpreter! Kylee was always trying to tattle on Tiffany and Tiffany would have to tell us what the heck she was saying! We called Kylee the Informer.

Now Kylee is 18 and absolutly beautiful! (and, thank God, the speech impediment is gone!!) She is so smart that I sometimes wonder if she was switched at birth! And organized!! The child is sooo organized! I used to joke around that when she turned 12 I was going to turn the check book and all the bills over to her because I knew she could do a better job than me! You think I'm kidding? She starts college in the fall and wants to be a high school English teacher. That's the perfect career for her..her nose is always in a book! (ok, maybe she wasn't switched at birth because I am the same way!!)



  1. So glad to hear about your family, and glad you have joined us bloggers. You cannot be possibly any more technilogically challenged than me, and I am learnig in just small steps. Jackie

  2. Jackie:

    Glad to hear I'm not the only challenged one out there!!!

  3. Thanks for leaving a creative comment on my Junkologie blog! Your idea about using the dairy box to hold printer paper is fabulous!

    I went through all your previous posts. You are a wonderful writer! Your style is fresh and entertaining. I can't wait to read more!


  4. OH isn't it a wonder how they all turn out? One of mine is "the organizer", and I'm ready to turn over my check book now!

  5. What a pleasure to meet Kylee!! How beautiful she is.....inside and out!!! Your pictures are sooooo great. Did you just have them???....or did you have a photo shoot with everyone??? :)

  6. I know just what your saying! I have three kids and my middle one is just like your kylee. It's too funny cause her name is Kaylee! She is just as laid back as can be but a firecracker all at the same time. As I type this I keep looking over at that darn cupcake. You know the one on your sidebar...ugh! I think I need cake now...hehe~

  7. My son will be 15 in a few weeks. It's a challenge. Luckily my little girl is only 5, still easy, sweet and affectionate.


  8. Welcome to blogland, Denise! I, too, started out just reading and then adding a few comments to a few blogs that caught my interest. Then I took the plunge 4 months ago and am now having such fun. I enjoy those who do comment, and I try not to take it too seriously when only a few readers stop by to leave a message.
    My mantra has become "to thine own self be true." I hope you have lots of fun and get much enjoyment from blogging. There are so many nice, nice people out there to help you out and give you a pat on the back when you need it. :-) Sue

  9. My oldest is 12-they grow up too fast.

    I hope you'll come visit me as well and I have a give away going on.
    its so very cheri