Sunday, January 3, 2010

1 challenge down, 1 to go

Yesterday's "fried chicken challenge" went good. Kylee had, what most would consider, a normal portion of everything. We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, green beans, and rolls. She even had 2 rolls. I was very excited about this but knew that after eating "normal" food, food that she didn't prepare herself and didn't know the calorie count for, that she would panic. Before I went to bed I went in to check on her. This has become a nightly habit since she has started being so honest with me about her ED (eating disorder). She wasn't as freaked out as we both expected her to be and she told me that she was actually a little bit hungry. I encouraged her to eat if her body was telling her that it was hungry. Of course she ended up in a mental battle with ED. But she won and had a snack before she went to bed. This happens several times a day. It's always a battle.

Today is going to be another challenging day. Due to the blizzard of '09 here in Oklahoma, my girls had to skip Christmas with their dad's parents. So, they rescheduled for today. Lunch. Great. Spaghetti. Wonderful. This has caused great distress for Kylee, especially since I won't be there. She'll have her sisters but it's not the same. They don't really "get it" like I do. I told her to call or text me if she needs to.

On another note, Brian and I have to go to a memorial this afternoon for his cousin Mark. Mark was in his early 50's and found out a few weeks ago that he had cancer. They did surgery on him a few days ago and he didn't make it. Mark lived with his mom who was widowed and took care of her. Anna doesn't drive so Mark drove her everywhere she needed to go. I can't imagine losing a child even if that child is grown. Please pray for Brian's family and especially for his Aunt Anna.

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  1. Denise-you have constantly been on my mind. As your struggles pop in my mind i try to say a quick prayer for you, Kylee and your family. I can't imagine what you must be going through. I'm so glad that you will be blogging about your struggles and wins! Thank you for sharing your story and bing so brave!