Friday, January 1, 2010

Today was a good day

Today was such a good day! Kylee and I spent almost the entire day hanging out. We left the house and headed to the bookstores. We hit up Borders first and spent entirely too much money on books. But we can't help it, we love to read! We got a couple of books about girls who have recovered from anorexia and one about a girl who didn't make it to recovery. We are trying to learn everything that we can. We want all the facts and the more we can learn from people who have been down this path before us, the better.

Next we went to Barnes and Noble. And this is where it gets good...I ordered a Nook!! Merry Christmas to me, (thanks to my parents and my inlaws and their Christmas generosity!)!! They are sold out but it will be shipped February 1st, I cant wait!

Our next stop was our favorite store, Target. We got some groceries and some Christmas clearance. We love to shop, even if it's just for groceries!

I really think that Kylee's anti-depressant is helping. Her mood has been so much better this week. That really gives me hope. We are waiting for a call back from a therapist. And she ate good today, even breaking some of her self-imposed rules. Now we move on to tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a challenge. We are having dinner at my parents' house....fried chicken. Her fear is that she will lose control. I told her that I won't let that happen. She's afraid that she won't eat breakfast or lunch in anticipation of this challenging meal. All of these fears and it's not even tomorrow, yet. We will get through all of this together. She isn't alone. She has her momma!


  1. And how fortunate I am to have such a fantastic momma!

  2. I've been thinking of you girls all day!! I'm so happy it was a good one for you!! Just one day at a time.....