Friday, January 15, 2010

good days and bad

We've been having some good days (thank God!)! I love it when Kylee has a good day. That usually means that I will have a good day. Her positive additude the past few days has been very encouraging. I know that throughout her recovery, there will be ups and downs. I'm thankful for both. Why? you ask. Well, the good days for obvious reasons and the bad days to learn from. I think every day offers a lesson of some sort. And the bad days will give us something to look back on and figure out what went wrong, what brought it on, what were you thinking, why? If we can just answer those questions and hang onto the answers, maybe next time those feelings, or whatever, come along we will know how to deal, what to do, say, think. So, yep, I'm thankful for those bad days but praying for more days like today!


  1. Me too! Pretty soon they will surely outnumber the bad ones!!

  2. I see more good days coming than bad ones (: