Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's a girl to do??

The inevitable has husband has discovered Facebook! I tried to keep him from finding out about it but we went to his 25 year class reunion and everyone was talking about it! That's how most of the people there found out about the reunion to begin with. Now I can't ever get on the computer because he has to check his Facebook!!! When I decided to start this blog, I swore to myself that this was not going to be another one of THOSE projects. You know, the ones you start and never finish? I am determined to either put a stop to B's relationship with Facebook or somehow convince him that we need a second laptop! We need a second laptop that is PINK! That's right!! That's EXACTLY what we NEED!!! Any suggestions on how I can accomplish this?

Hopefully, this won't be my last blog entry.....wish me luck!!


  1. Remind him of how we never did get that swimming pool?

    Although, then again, did you ever balance the checkbook per request?

  2. Oh Denise....we are SO in the same boat. I share a computer with my husband and daughter, it is Hell! LOL
    So, this weekend we are getting two more computers, and setting the house up for wireless. $300 laptop at Bestbuy!

  3. Pink is sooo my favorite color too!! You soooooo deserve a laptop of your very own!!! Can you bribe him with cupcakes?? :) I hope to see your next post soooon!!