Monday, August 10, 2009

Girls' day out

Friday was a great day. I met my dear friend Fredde (pronounced Freddie) at her house and we headed out. Our first stop was Braum's for a quick breakfast and then off to purchase my sweet husband's birthday present which I can't talk about here because he reads my blog! Then the adventure really got started! Next, we spontaneously stopped at a wholesale market that sells home goods. We got to shop there because Fredde has connections!! Here are a few of the lovelies that I purchsed...

Sweet little fence for my flower bed.....

Darling little flying pig. (I don't know why I needed this, but I did!)

And a planter basket for my front door....

I plan on planting some sweet potato vine in it. It will look great on my black front door, don't ya think?

Next stop, The Market at Quail Springs. I love The Market. It used to be a movie theater and now it houses booth after booth of awesome stuff for your home. Some of it is priced a little high. And some stuff we had just seen at the wholesale market that we had just left!! Fredde bought me this awesome runner,('cause she's sweet like that!). She thought it would work great on my dining room table (which it will, eventually) but I have it on my grandma's antique buffet in my foyer for now. Love it!

While at The Market, we ate in their cafe'. I had their Bistro Salad and The Californian sandwich. Delish!!

I will definitely be copying both of these at home, YUM! And then I will share the recipes with you, 'cuz I'm sweet like that!

We shopped and we ate. This day is definitely going down in the books as a perfect day!!


  1. Definitely a perfect day!!! (And that sandwich looks/sounds delish so please do share the recipe)

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  3. I want that flying pig. I NEED that flying pig! That, AND the runner. You'll have to take me to The Market one day...I've never been.
    And yes, it looks as though it was the most perfect day. :o)

  4. Looks like you found some great stuff! - and with a good friend and a yummy lunch to top it all off! Can't wait to see what you found for hubby! I'm not sure how you can trump a flying pig!

  5. Yeah for Girls days out!!!!!!!!! Especially when you score on some awesome treasures and throw lunch on top of it!!! You are REALlY getting the hang of the blog thing!!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  6. About that playhouse....I would give it a try. Your never too old to play....hehe! Good luck~

  7. Looks like so much fun!! I loved all your stuff! Esp the bskt for your front door! It's beautiful already & sweet potato vine will be awesoem I have some in a planter next to our pool & it's overflowing and pretty!! Loved seeing pics of your house/flowerbed!

  8. I LOVE girls days out, and shopping because someone has connections is priceless!

  9. Had a wonderful day of shopping and lunch!! We got some pretty things too which makes it even better.