Sunday, November 1, 2009

About Last Night.....

Ahhhh, Trick or Treat!! I love it! Even though my girls are half grown, they still love to dress up. And being a MiMi makes it even that much more fun!! Tiffany and Jalynn were the cutest mommy and baby bees. Jalynn kept singing "I'm taking home a baby bumble bee" which kept cracking us up!!
Kylee was Minnie Mouse and she totally rocked those ears!! I made those, thank you very much!

Logan was a sheriff and her boyfriend, Martin, was The Count of Sesame Street Fame.

We didn't have as many kids ringing the door bell this year, but then again, there was 2 football games on. If you know anything about Oklahoma, then you know that we LOVE our football. OU and OSU were both playing during prime trick or treat time! So, I gave out candy and B watched football, yelled and cussed at the t.v.! Oklahoma football is an emotional event at our house!
Here are some of my favorite little spooks..

Ashton and Carson (Jalynn's BFFs) were a lady bug and a bug catcher.

Adrianna (daughter of my friend Deeona) was a witch (check out that cool chin and nose!) and Jake (my friend Leslie's little boy) was a monkey. Too cute!

Jalynn needed to hit up one more house. Don't you just love those bumble bee leg warmers?

This bee is all buzzed out!! Hope everyone had as much fun as she did!!


  1. Did that one ladybug have full body paint?! Oh, Lord, I wouldn't want to help wash that stuff off! That little bee is the cutest thing I've seen all Halloween :)

  2. What cutie patooties!!!!!!!!! They just get sooooo excited and love every minute of it! Thanks for sharing all the photos :)

  3. Oh my gosh--EVERYONE looked great. Jalynn is too precious!
    What were you Mimi? AND OMG--I did not even recognize Kylee--NOT because of the awesome ears you made--she just looks SO DIFFERENT and grown up. --weeps a little and feels so damn old.
    xoxox Love you Meesie!

    Jen in Chicago

  4. I absolutely LOVE and so look forward to reading your blog Meesi :-)

    Love you friend!

  5. Hi....just stopping back to let you know I have bestowed an award on you!!!! Hope you feel like a princess all day!!! :)

  6. How Fun! Enjoyed looking at all the costumes!