Monday, October 19, 2009

Prayer needed!

Hey everyone! I have a request.

My Aunt Pat, Uncle Eddie and my cousins Jessica and Mike at Jessica's wedding in August.

My Uncle Eddie has ALS, commonly known as Lou Gerhigs disease. ALS is a devastating disease and my uncle has been suffering with it for a while. After much research, prayer and, I'm sure, lots of tears, my uncle decided (although I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision!) to make the long trip to Germany for stem cell treatment. My Aunt Pat is very supporting of this decision but also a little (OK, alot!) freaked out by what this trip entails! Please pray for them while they are on this adventure and that the treatment is successful. If you want to learn more about their experience check out my aunt's blog. She is quite funny and very informative. Thank you in advance!!!




  1. Thanks Neesi for posting...daddy could use lots of prayers!! I pray everything goes WELL..miraculous recovery and safe return home!
    Love you,

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  3. Whoops! I need spellcheck when I leave a comment!!!! Sorry about that......but I'm praying hard over here!!!!! Miracles DO happen!!!

  4. Well Baby, aren't you a Sweetheart! I was just trolling around and decided to see if you had any new recipes or cool things to see... and lo and behold, saw our pictures. Uncle Eddie can smile, just doesn't do it often enough. Thanks for thumbs up! Aunt Pat (presently staying in Cologne Germany..and counting the days til home again)

  5. I will be praying for your Uncle~
    You are not going to believe this when I tell you.... My sister called last night and told me a friend of her bought some property. Fine...then she told me it had a very OLD house in the middle of it. Fine... Then she said they demolished it to the ground..rubble..dust...Old doors, doorknobs,windows,screens,mantels...dust! I cired why?...ugh people have no clue...hehe

  6. There have been some really promising results from stem cell treatment for ALS. Prayers are being sent your way.